About Us

We have been serving the residents of Queensborough and the surrounding area since January 28th, 2011 as a full service community pharmacy. We've recently opened the online store for the opportunity to serve customers from all across the continent as well as to be able to provide our existing local customers with a much greater selection of products.

    In the pharmacy things we do that set us apart from the rest (some neat perks):

    • An innovative loyalty points program
    • Free prescription delivery
    • Accept credit card payments at your door
    • Have an app that saves you from having to wait for your prescription to be prepared
    • Provide an online store that hopefully by the time you are reading this, carries any drug store product you might require at a great price (it is our newest venture, and is very much a work in progress)

    The online store is new, we will grow and get better with time, but here are some things we will be doing to set us apart:

    • Low prices
    • Innovative Loyalty Rewards program with bonus offers
    • Personalized promotions 
    • Same courteous and personalized service we offer to our in-store pharmacy customers

    We hope to continue enjoying the privilege of serving our existing customers and wish to meet a bunch of new ones in the coming years!

    Rob Dhasi

    Pharmacy Manager