Frequently Asked Questions

    Online Store 

    1.) Can I buy products that do not have an image?

    - 100% yes! If you have a UPC number (the barcode number) of a product, you can type it in the search field at the top of the page.  If we carry that product, it will take you directly to the product you are looking for.

    2.) Your navigation isn't that great, how do I find what I'm looking for?

    - We hope to greatly improve our navigation in the coming months so it will be easier to shop and browse the products you're looking for.  Until that happens it might be easier typing the name or the UPC code of the product your looking for in the search box at the top of the page.

    3.) What methods of payments do you accept?

    - We accept Paypal. A Paypal account is not required to make payment. When you get to the Paypal payment screen, scroll to the bottom and will give you the option to pay with a credit card.

    4.) Is my payment information secure with your site?

    - We use Paypal Payments for all transactions. At store level we don't see or ever store any of your credit card information.  Since we don't store your credit card information there is no chance of us losing it during a cyber attack. You can shop with the confidence knowing that your information is being secured by one of the biggest payment processors in North America. 

    5.) Do I need an account to place an order?

    - No you do not. However, you only access to special discount codes and promotions if you set up a customer account.

    6.) I purchased an item and it said it would be ready in a few days, but I got an email saying it is not available, how come?

    - We are a really small store and we only bring the items in from our various wholesalers once we receive an order.  Unfortunately some times the product will not be available and we will not be able to get it.  If this happens we will try our best to notify you as soon as possible.  When you enter your credit card information at check out, we will never charge you until we are sure we can get the product you need.


    7.) I chose to display prices in US dollars, but when I went to checkout the price reverted to Canadian dollars, how come?

    - All transactions occur in Canadian dollars, US customers have the option to display prices in US dollars so it is easier to see exactly what your spending in your own currency.  Once you reach checkout the transaction will be completed in Canadian dollars.  Your credit card company will automatically do the conversion.  Currency conversion rates are updated three times daily.

    8.) What is your refund policy?

    - We do not offer refunds on products in most circumstances, however may do so on a case by case basis at our discretion.  In most cases, return shipping costs will be the responsibility of the customer. In the case of a defective product, we reserve the right to either replace the product or refund the product.  For packages lost in transit, refunds or reshipping will only be considered for packages originally sent with a tracked shipping option.  Please note we can not be responsible for packages lost by the Postal Service that did not originally have a tracking number associated with them.  In the event of a lost package with no tracking number, we will do our best to reach a satisfactory resolution but can make no guarantees.

    9.) What are your shipping rates?

    - Free instore pickup for local customers, orders over $150 come with free shipping. On shipped orders under $150 shipping is calculated based on weight by Canada Post