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Get Active with Ubiquinol! Co Q-10 supplements must be converted in the body to Ubiquinol to provide antioxidant benefit so by supplementing with Ubiquinol, you’re saving your body a step, so you can benefit sooner!

  • Advanced, active form of Co Q-10
  • Helps maintain and support cardiovascular health

While most dietary supplements of Coenzyme Q-10 are in the form of Ubiquinone, we deliver CoQ-10 as Ubiquinol. So what makes Ubiquinol so special? Ubiquinol is a body ready form of CoQ-10 that acts as an active antioxidant. Regular CoQ-10 supplements must be converted in the body to ubiquinol first in order to provide antioxidant effects. In addition to its role as an antioxidant, CoQ-10 is also important for heart health and cell energy metabolism.