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Developed with pediatricians, hydraSense® Nasal Aspirator Starter Kit is a gentle and safe way to relieve your baby’s nasal congestion quickly and effectively. Use when he or she is having trouble breathing or feeding because of dry or obstructed nasal passages.


    • Removes liquefied mucus to relieve nasal congestion
    • Facilitates better breathing
    • Gentle soft tip, safe when used as indicated
    • Hygienic, effective and easy to use


Ingredients of Easydose® vials (included in kit):

100% natural-source, undiluted seawater equivalent to 9 g/L (0.9%) sodium chloride and a combination of more than 70 marine trace elements.



1- Before the first use, rinse the aspirator with hot water and dry thoroughly.

2- Place a clean filter in the filter chamber and reconnect the aspirator.

Use of hydraSense® Easydose® to liquefy mucus prior to aspiration

3- Break off one Easydose® vial from the strip and twist the tamper proof tip to open.

4- Lay the child on his or her back with his or her head tilted to the right. Carefully place the tip in the upper nostril, and apply one to two drops by pressing gently on the vial. Follow the same procedure in the opposite nostril after turning the child’s head to the left.

Use hydraSense® Nasal Aspirator to remove excess mucus trapped in nasal cavities

5- Place the Nasal Aspirator soft tip at the entrance of the baby’s nostril and inhale through the mouthpiece to gently draw out the mucus. Mucus will be collected in the hygienic filter and cannot pass through the inhalation tube. Repeat in the other nostril. Gently lift the baby to allow any remaining mucus to drain out.

6- Soak a tissue or cotton ball in hydraSense® solution and use it to gently wipe the child’s nostrils.

7- After each use, unclip the aspirator at its base, remove and discard the used filter, rinse the Nasal Aspirator with hot water and dry. Do not sterilize or boil the Nasal Aspirator. Do not reuse vials after opening.

If your child still cannot breathe through his or her nose, it is recommended that you repeat the above steps as needed. An average cold can last up to 10 days. If your child’s symptoms persist beyond this period, please consult a healthcare professional.

For newborns, infants and older children. Do not reuse vials after opening.

Kit includes

1 nasal aspirator (1 filter chamber, 1 soft tip, 1 tube with 1 mouthpiece)

5 Easydose® vials

5 single-use filters