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Children under two don't have the ability yet to blow their nose, which means bacteria, viruses, pollen and dust build up in nasal mucus and stay trapped. This accumulation can cause complications such as sinusitis and problems with breathing. hydraSense Ultra Gentle Mist nasal spray gently cleanses tiny noses blocked by colds and allergies to help your baby breathe more easily. Made with 100% natural-source seawater, this formula's salinity is perfectly balanced with the body. This product features a unique SteriFlo dispensing system with a one-way valve that preserves the solution's sterility throughout use and prevents germs from making their way into the bottle.


Bend your child's head forward over a wash basin, tilting his or her head horizontally and to the right. Place the nozzle in the upper left nostril and press down on the applicator. Repeat this process on the opposite side and have your child blow his or her nose. Rinse the nasal application with hot water and dry thoroughly after each use. Can be used up to six times per day.


100% Natural-Source Seawater.