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IMODIUM LIQUI-GELS provides you with the fast, soothing relief of a liquid to settle things down and restore your feeling of harmony. This gentle, yet effective solution is perfect for all bouts of diarrhea.


  • Fast, soothing relief of diarrhea
  • Small LIQUI-GEL capsules are easy to swallow


For fast and effective relief of diarrhea. Often relieves diarrhea in just one dose


Initial: 2 capsules. Then 1 after each episode of diarrhea.

Dosage for Adults and Children 12+ take 2 capsules (4 mg) initially and 1 capsule every time you have a loose bowel movement, to a maximum of 8 capsules (16 mg) per day. Stop use if you have a solid or hard stool or if you go for 24 hours without a bowel movement.

IMODIUM products are not recommended for children under 12 years of age except on the advice of a doctor.


Active Ingredient: Loperamide hydrochloride.

Nonmedicinal Ingredients (alphabetical): FD&C blue No. 1, gelatin, glycerol,propylene glycol, propylene glycol monocaprylate, soya lecithin, triglycerides and water.

Store IMODIUM LIQUI-GELS at room temperature(15-30C). Protect from light.


IMODIUM should be taken by the mouth. You can take IMODIUM at any time of day. The IMODIUM LIQUI-GEL capsules should be taken with liquid. The Quick-Dissolve tablet is a fast-dissolving tablet which can be taken without fluid. The tablet disintegrates within seconds on the surface of the tongue and is then swallowed with the saliva. The Quick-Dissolve tablets should not be pushed through the blister, as this would damage them. To take the tablets out of the blister, pull up the edge of the foil, tear the foil completely off, press out and then remove the tablet. The dose for the Calming Liquid should be administered with the attached measuring cup only.

When you have diarrhea,

  • You lose a lot of fluids. Therefore, drink plenty of clear fluids, water, unsweetened juices or clear soups.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol or milk and refrain from eating fruit, green vegetables, and spicy or fatty foods. These items tend to aggravate diarrhea.

Stop use if you have a solid or hard stool or if you go for 24 hours without a bowel movement.


In case of drug overdose, contact a health care practitioner, hospital emergency department or regional Poison Control Centre immediately, even if there are no symptoms.