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L'Oreal Paris Première Perm Dual-Protection System for Natural Hair

The unique dual protection perm that gives more resilient, long-lasting curls

Protection Barrier - Protects against the loss of moisture and essential proteins

Continuous Conditioning - A selective and continuous conditioning reactivated with every shampoo.

Longer-Lasting Healthier Curls - Premiere Perm exclusive conditioning formula gives you even more resilient curls that are more conditioned and longer-lasting. Your hair gains in vitality and brilliance with superb conditioning throughout your perm.

Innovations & Ingredients:

Only Premiere Perm gives you soft long-lasting curls with optimal protection and conditioning throughout the life of your perm.

Protection Barrier - Premiere Perm automatically protects your hair by forming a protection barrier against the loss of the essential moisture and protein. Its patented Ionene molecule reinforces and protects so there’s no fear of dull, frizzy, dried-out damaged hair.

Continuous Conditioning - Premiere Perm Ionene molecule strengthens the hair fiber by bonding itself to weak, damaged hair. With the inclusion of a complementary catiomere to the molecule’s selective and progressive action, Premiere Perm offers an even greater protection. This conditioning action is reactivated with each shampoo. Premiere Perm dual action formula leaves hair exceptionally soft and silky throughout the life of your perm.