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Allergan Albalon Liquifilm eye drops is a long acting decongestant in a lubricant base for non-specific conjunctivitis including red, irritated eyes.

Allergan Albalon Liquifilm eye drops is a preservative free decongestant for the treatment of red eyes. It relieves the discomfort of minor eye irritations due to colds, wind, eye strain, dust, sun, swimming, smog, excessive celebrating, prolonged wearing of contact lenses, and other sources of ocular irritation.

  • Quickly relieves red, inflamed eyes and ocular congestion
  • Long acting ( lasts up to 3 hours )
  • Liquifilm base - soothes and moisturises


Each 1ml contains:

  • Naphazoline hydrochloride 1mg,
  • Polyvinyl alcohol 14mg,
  • Benzalkonium chloride 40ug,
  • Disodium edetate, Citric acid , Sodium citrate, Sodium chloride and purified water.


If using a prescription eye product consult your doctor or pharmacist before using Albalon A Allergy Eye Drops. Take 1 or 2 drops every three to four hours. Do not use in the presence of glaucoma, serious eye infections or soft contact lens. Pupillary dilation may occur with the use product. Prolonged use may be harmful.

Consult your doctor if symptoms persists.