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Fast relief for sore feet with 100% memory foam. Instantly molds like custom orthotics. Actual product weight is 11 oz. Feel the comfort. Relief from foot pain is here! The 2 oz Miracle insole brings customized comfort and support in minutes. How it Works: Specifically designed for problem feet the 2 oz Miracle features unique 2-layer orthotic design to mold exactly to the shape of your feet and ease pain. The bottom layer acts like a firm supporting shock absorber. It lifts the arch and stabilizes the heel while cushioning impact from walking or running. The secret is in the top layer. The upper layer is advanced memory-foam that learns the shape of your foot as you walk. Within an hour, the 2 oz Miracle insole creates a custom fit to any pair of shoes. Most importantly, The 2 oz Miracle is ultra-light to prevent fatigue unlike other heavy inserts.


A custom fit inside shoes offers numerous health benefits. Locking the foot in its natural position improves comfort and reduces fatigue. A custom fit also helps eliminate friction (that burning feeling), the cause of corns, calluses and blisters. Most of all, the 2 oz Miracle's custom fit feels great: you'll feel better in your shoes. We guarantee it! Don't pay hundreds of dollars for custom orthotics or ugly orthopedic shoes. Wear any shoe with comfort confidence.

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