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The EarPopper Ear Relief Device is clinically proven to relieve negative ear pressure. Discomfort caused by negative ear pressure can occur while flying on a plane or simply travelling in a fast moving elevator. This pressure on the eardrum can lead to more serious problems if not relieved. The EarPopper Ear Relief Device relieves ear pressure that can cause: Hearing Loss Pain Earaches Headaches Dizziness Fluid build-up behind eardrum The EarPopper is being used by health care professions all around the world to relieve ear pressure right from the source - the Eustachian Tube. The Eustachian Tube is the body's only mechanism for equalizing pressure in the eardrum. When the Eustachian Tube does not function normally, the middle ear is not ventilated properly and the middle ear becomes a closed space with unbalanced pressure. This unbalanced pressure causes great discomfort, but can also affect your hearing. The resulting closed space fails to drain correctly, leading to a build-up of fluid behind the eardrum. These problems only become exacerbated when coupled with allergies or simply a common cold. The EarPopper Ear Relief Device can help eliminate or avoid an unbalanced middle ear. It open the Eustachian Tube with air - making the process safe, simple and fast. The EarPopper is an alternative to medication or even having to undergo ear tube surgery The EarPopper has been proven in numerous clinical studies - including a published study in the Ear, Nose and Throat Journal and funded by the National Institutes of Health.

  • Relieve pain and ear pressure
  • Treat OME/Glue Ear and Eustachian Tube Dysfunction
  • Elimiate fluids