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Serum penetrates. Moisturizer intensely hydrates

Serums are known to provide concentrated anti-aging power, but many are not moisturizing enough. Using a serum and a moisturizer together can be time-consuming and expensive.


Ultra-Lift 2-in-1 Wrinkle Reducer, with 2X Pro-Retinol from Nature*, combines a fast-absorbing concentrated serum and a daily moisturizer to help boost anti-wrinkle action and instantly give skin a firmer appearance. With an advanced dual-fusion delivery system, the formulas are combined at the time of use, creating a soft and perfectly dosed gel - the results of a serum and amoisturizer in just one step! Pro-Retinol from Nature* is developed through the process of green chemistry, with naturally derived Omega from Safflower and Retinol derivative.