Gynalac Vaginal Gel

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From the makers of Gynatrof...A new non-antibiotic two-pronged approach to Bacterial Vaginosis

It’s different now…you now have the means and power to take control of your confidence.

Don’t let vaginal odor get the best of you. Vaginal odor is about pH imbalance, not bad hygiene. If you are uncomfortable with your vaginal odor, take back control and be your best, fresh confident self. You now have an option to deal with vaginal odor that tackles the problem at its source and in a natural way.

  • Relieves Bacterial Vaginosis symptoms
  • Prevents recurrences of Bacterial Vaginosis
  • Relieves abnormal vaginal discharge and odor
  • Provides immediate relief of itching, dryness & burning
  • Restores vaginal flora via vaginal acidification to its normal physiological pH level, leading to:
    • Reduction in pathogenic (unfriendly) bacteria
    • Increase of endogenous protective (friendly) Lactobacilli forming an important natural defense to infections
  • Is clinically proven to be as effective at relieving abnormal vaginal discharge and odor as a course of antibiotics (metronizadole)
  • Offers synergistic efficacy when combined with antibiotics (metronidazole)

Developing a routine, with GYNALAC, that maintains the natural pH balance is the secret to preventing and eliminating vaginal odor, once and for all.


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