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V-Fresh : to aid in the prevention of common vaginal infections


• 100% natural, activated carbon inserts
• V-Fresh inserts are intended to prevent common vaginal infections such as
bacterial vaginosis, candida (yeast) and other infections, with regular use
• Anti-fungal, anti-viral, and antibacterial effects
• Restores natural vaginal flora
• Balances vaginal pH naturally
• Reduces bacterial based odours
• Safe to use during pregnancy and when breast feeding
• No medicinal ingredients, chemicals, fragrances or additives
• Bleach-free insert
• Environmentally friendly – Recyclable applicator/compostable insert
• Easy to use
• Highly absorbent
• Not intended for use during menstrual cycle
• Change insert every 8 – 12 hours
• Each insert is individually packaged in a sterile pouch
• Store at room temperature in a dry place

Please read instructions included with the product.
Consult your doctor for guidance with any concerns.