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MONISTAT 7 Dual-Pak relieves internal and external vaginal itching, burning and white discharge due to vaginal yeast infections.


Read leaflet for full directions and precautions before use. Using the enclosed applicator, insert one suppository high into the vagina at bedtime for 7 nights in a row, even if menstruating. Apply a thin layer of cream externally to the itchy or irritated area, once or twice a day, if needed. For vaginal use only. Do not take by mouth.


Miconazole nitrate vaginal suppositories 100 mg and vaginal cream 2% USP.


If you have had a vaginal yeast infection diagnosed by a doctor before and you have the same symptoms now, use these suppositories and cream as directed, otherwise, talk to a doctor. Talk to a doctor before using MONISTAT products if you are taking an oral anticoagulant (blood thinning medication) such as warfarin, if you are pregnant or think you may be or if you are breastfeeding. Talk to a doctor before use if you have: a fever, unusual pain in the back or lower abdomen, foul-smelling vaginal discharge, or if any of these symptoms develop during treatment.