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How can Cystoplus® help?

Cystoplus® is indicated to relieve the burning pain and stinging symptoms associated with urinary bladder inflammation, cystitis, in women.

Cystoplus® is not a treatment for cystitis. However, it can help relieve the symptoms.

Cystoplus® is available without a prescription so you don’t have to wait for pain relief from cystitis.

The active ingredient of Cystoplus® is sodium citrate. Sodium citrate is an alkalizing agent which decreases the acidity of the urine. It helps reduce the burning pain and stinging associated with cystitis.

How should I take Cystoplus®

Cystoplus® is a convenient and complete two day symptomatic treatment program. You simply need to dissolve the contents of one sachet of Cystoplus® cranberry flavoured powder into a glass of water and drink it, 3 times a day, for 2 days.

Even if you are feeling better before you complete the full treatment, you must take all 6 sachets over 48 hours to complete the symptomatic treatment.

Can I take Cystoplus® with antibiotics?

Even if your doctor decides to prescribe an antibiotic to treat your cystitis, you can still use Cystoplus® to help relieve the painful symptoms while you are taking the antibiotic.

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